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Green: Sustainability Assessments

California Lending Partners is an affiliate of Urban Solutions, a non-profit social enterprise that includes an established Green Business Program catering to small- to medium-sized businesses. The Green Business Program’s staff of professionals has expertise in identifying and implementing energy-saving practices. Over 40 businesses from a variety of industries in the San Francisco Bay Area have received a Sustainability Assessment.

The program has an impressive track record of producing energy-reducing and cost-saving results for businesses. Read a case study of a Sustainability Assessment which resulted in significant reductions of energy usage and costs for the business.

Contact us for a complementary sustainability consultation available to all businesses located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Green Business Program can help clients grow and green their businesses with the following services:

Audit and Report

Find energy-saving opportunities; quantify environmental and cost savings.

Access to Capital

Learn how to secure tax incentives, rebates, grants and low-interest loans.


Adopt green procedures for energy, water, waste, chemicals and purchasing.

Green Business Certification

Create action plan to meet checklist requirements.

Marketing and Employee Education

Communicate achievements and engage employees.

California Lending Partners offers a Sustainability Assessment unique from other California CDCs — it is an in-house program working in tandem with our lending process.